Artist's Statement

For every songwriter, each song comes from a special place.  Some songs tell a story, inspired from long ago. For me, a transplant from the bluegrass of Kentucky to the pretzels and pierrogies of Philadelphia, who has fallen in love with this historical city, that is the case . . . for at least some of my music.  

Some songs may come from the here, the now, the within. The moments of living which we all share - the pain or joy, triumph or despair, challenge or whimsy.  These songs may be more 'personal' - for me at least that is the case - and I'm profoundly grateful that I have an  audience who allows me to share these stories with them. 

Whatever their inspiration, through word and note, I wish to share my music, my experiences, with the listener. Of course, the listener can receive it in any way they want.  I just hope the music stirs a response.

- Marion Halliday

 Go to "Philly Songs Project" page to learn more about Marion's work devoted specifically to Philly and its history.                                                                                            

bourbon and men

Inspired by two subjects near and dear to the heart of Marion and her Trickster Sisters.

By Marion Halliday 2016 - all rights reserved.

V1 - I like my bourbon like I like my men -Strong, not too neat, some rocks thrown in.  I like when things burn and make me sweat, And hard livin’ with no regrets.

Ref: Oh my aching head -Why’s that bottle in my bed? I like the things that aren’t good for me - I like you and Kentucky whiskey.

V2 - I like wild storms when wind shake my house The thrill of wondering will this work out? Kinda how it feels when I’m loving you - Not quite sure what you're gonna do. 

V3-I like the quiet in the dark of night with only thoughts to hold me tight. I liked you better when you went away- Why it hurts still, can't hardly say.


Irish-y ditty inspired by a lovely spot near Marion's home in Fairmount Park area of Philadelphia.

By Marion Halliday 2015 - all rights reserved.

V1-There’s a boy up on Lemon Hill, if I cant catch him, nobody will.A little bit sassy, little bit sweet, tastiest morsel you ever did meet. Six foot two and hair so dark - Its no wonder he would break my heart.

Cho:  Hey dilly, dilly, and a derry derry oh, hey dilly, dilly and a  derry derry oh


V2 -That brawny lad, by the name of Will, lived in a house on top of Lemon Hill. I followed him home and gave him a kiss but Molly Bloom wasn’t happy with this. A little bit brassy and long in the tooth. What she couldn’t win was mine to lose.

V3- Well I caught me the boy up on Lemon Hill. He spent all my money now I cant pay a bill. Alll he’s given me is a babe to raise and a heartache to last all of my days. So I gave him the boot back to Molly Bloom and now that pair can sing this tune.